Frequently Asked Questions

What language is the program in?

The program is run in English, although for the benefit of clarity, the text we use will have not only the English but also the Latin side-by-side.

Do I have to be a theology student?

By no means! In fact, one need not be a student at all. If you have been out of school for a while, you need simply have the desire to contemplate the truths of the Faith and to ask the question in dialogue with others.

I haven't done formal study in a long time - would the program be over my head?

While you need not be a theology student, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the Church's faith. If you would like to do some preparatory reading before arrival, we can recommend some pertinent sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that might be of help! The program itself uses the Scriptures as its primary text, and the commentary seeks to get to the heart of the words on the page in the context of the rule of faith.

Are meals included?

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included in the cost. This includes a traditional 5-course Italian dinner  nightly with the amazingly fresh ingredients found in Norcia.

What is the weather like? How should I plan on dressing?

The weather is quite warm in Italy in the summer; however, Norcia is a bit milder than Rome. Expect the temperature to be in the High 20's/ Low 30's (celsius). Plan on dressing comfortably for classes, but perhaps pack one or two more nice outfits for Sunday Mass or an evening out. Women should know that most of the churches have dress codes requiring them to have their shoulders covered, and not to be wearing shorts in order to enter. The rule about shorts applies to men, as well.

Can I bring my family?

Of course! Norcia is a fabulous town for families and children. There is a park just outside the town walls, and in the center of town where the monastery is, cars are not allowed to drive, making the streets very safe. If you do want to bring your family, let us know, and we can try and arrange a family room for your stay. 

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